Client Testimonials

This is a sample of what some clients have had to say about Beth:

“…Beth Simon Esq. was highly recommended to me for her exceptional ability to write a compelling hearing request. She did just that, but much more. She reviewed my daughters many years of files and recommended filling the few missing pieces in my case….We filed for a hearing…After 7 years of refused services, claims of effective progress from the public school, my family was finally able to exhale. We are now looking forward to a positive future for my daughter next year, where she can get the help she needs. Aside from Beth’s exceptional writing, thorough output and organizational skills, she cares and believes in the clients she works with.”

“Beth’s expertise especially her strategic approach in working with our school system resulted in placement in a very good out of district private school. Given my daughter’s lack of academic progress and her worsening disability, this placement was absolutely critical in helping her and I have some hope for the future. Beth’s calm and steady oversight of our case made a tremendous difference in our ability to gather significant enough data and evidence to persuade our school district to agree to this placement without having to go through a lengthy legal process. Through it all Beth was supportive yet always professional and objective.”

“I am truly grateful for all of your hard work and diligence….Know that you’ve helped usher in monumental change in our lives.”

“I can’t thank you enough for the hard work and professionalism you provided during this difficult time.”